I’m an Apple fan. I don’t read TMZ but someone I follow tweeted out a link to a Photo of Steve Jobs. He looks very sick. The picture is below:

At first I thought “Oh Steve looks really bad and sick.” after seeing that picture. Thought maybe his friends was taking him home from a doctor visit. I even cried a little. I paused for a while and then I went on with my business. Wrote some content for iGeekable, watched a few YouTube videos and Did a video call. I kept wondering about his picture. I guess he even posed for them to take the picture according to a comment I was reading. Seems kind of unlike him? Looking at it again. I downloaded the image, and zoomed in. From far away it looks like he’s wearing shorts. I zoomed in.

They don’t really look like shorts, unless they were like twisted in some way which is a possibly, not denying that. It looks like he’s wearing a black dress.

Plus some guy is holding him. Maybe he could fall over? I think its possible this photo was photoshoped. I think it might have been a picture of an old woman and her husband holding her with a Steve Jobs head Photoshopped on her body. When WWDC was going on I seen pictures on Twitter of him and people were talking about how he didn’t look so good. Maybe they got that head from a WWDC photo?  Now I’m not an everyday reader of TMZ so I’m not sure if they ever post fake photos. The aspect ratio looks off and why are there feet covered in a blue shadow?

Also on the bottom right of the photo you see “Bruja/PacificCoastNews.com”. Looks like maybe a photo credit? I checked out PacificCoastNews.com and I don’t see this image on it anywhere.

I call it a fake. I could be wrong. I’ll believe it when you post an original photo taken with a camera. One that has not been edited, resized or anything. The original. One I can view in a EXIF viewer.

What do you think? Is it real or fake? Why?