I was working on a PHP application and felt like writing SQL is a bottleneck for adding new features quickly. So I decided to write a database abstraction layer library. One really simple, yet powerful to use. Something to make databases fun again. I decided to call it PastaDB. Since uncooked pasta is nice and solid looking vs. SQL which looks like spaghetti a lot of the time. So you tell this library what you want to get done, it prepare’s, cooks it and gives you a result.

I wrote version 0.1 over the weekend. Aimed at keeping it simple. For example an insert is $db->insert(‘TABLENAME’, ARRAY OF DATA TO INSERT). and it returns TRUE or FALSE. Also supports MySQL transactions with a simple API. $db->begin(), $db->commit() and $db->rollback(). I really made this library for me and my needs, but decided to open source it on GitHub because it might be helpful to others, and maybe the project can get outside improvements. Check it out at https://github.com/keverw/PastaDB, I hope others will like this as much as I do!