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Month: September 2011

iGeekable Podcast and NewHills Update

Hello. As some of you may already know that Christian Tackett and I have a podcast called iGeekable. It’s a Technology Podcast. We discuss the latest news, tips & tricks, etc related to technology and consumer electronics. Our podcast is still very new. Our latest episode is “Ep 4. Windows 8 Thoughts, IE 10 Flash dies, Facebook catches up and more” which talks about what we think of Windows 8 after playing with it. So go check it out please! Subscribe to it on iTunes, follow it on Twitter and Like it on Facebook!

On another note NewHills my social networking project started back in 2009 is basically dead. Let me give you the full story for people who don’t know. Continue reading

Six of my favorite photos I took

Photography is an interest of mine even though I don’t have a DSLR but I want a DSLR. All the pictures on this page I took with a Samsung S860 I got in early 2008. Its 8.1MP! Almost 4 years old. Not sure if it would be worth upgrading to a newer point and shoot or not for now till I get a DSLR not sure how long could be a year or a few till I get a DSLR. It takes great photos inside but not great photos with low light even dim lights. It like blurs them. Would a DSLR do that? I looked at 2 memory cards of photos and found 6 of my favorite photos I took.

Smokey mountains in Tennessee

Continue reading

Completely Uninstall Windows Apps

At the end of July I wrote a post on how to Completely Uninstall Mac Apps. Most programs on windows normally include a uninstaller. Some of the app uninstallers leaves behind files and registry entries. So to completely uninstall Windows programs you can use a tool called Revo Uninstaller which you can download it at You can get a pro and free version. I personally use the free version and i think it works just fine but the pro version has more features which you might find interesting for you, so you can check out the chart on the download page.

Double click on the program you want to uninstall and then click yes. It then asks you to select a uninstall mode and I always pick advance as it seems to work for me then I click Next.

It then creates a restore point and then analyse the app. It then asks you if you are sure that you want to completely remove the program and all of its components starts the built-in install, follow that like a normal uninstall. Once the normal uninstaller finishes it goes back to Revo and then you can press next.

Revo then scans for leftover files and registry entries, this might take a while. When it’s complete the green bar will be 100% full and you may press next.

Select the files you want to delete and press delete. I normally just press select all and then delete. Then wait while it deletes the files, then press next. Then it normally shows registry entries if you have any, I didn’t for this app so couldn’t show that but it’s basically the same as the leftover file. Then press next, your done with Revo. Uninstall another program or empty your trash if you want.

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