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Six of my favorite photos I took

Photography is an interest of mine even though I don’t have a DSLR but I want a DSLR. All the pictures on this page I took with a Samsung S860 I got in early 2008. Its 8.1MP! Almost 4 years old. Not sure if it would be worth upgrading to a newer point and shoot or not for now till I get a DSLR not sure how long could be a year or a few till I get a DSLR. It takes great photos inside but not great photos with low light even dim lights. It like blurs them. Would a DSLR do that? I looked at 2 memory cards of photos and found 6 of my favorite photos I took.

Smokey mountains in Tennessee

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Looking at Google+

I just got my Google+ invite, after being sent five. One finally worked!

So once an invite works, it will ask for your name, gender and stuff. Then it will bring you to a page to complete your profile, some videos about it.

Okay. I’m kidding. It’s not using the same color scheme as Facebook. But you can make Google+ look like Facebook using a User Style at

Theres the real home page, for real. I kinda think I liked the Facebook color scheme better, but doesn’t mean I like Facebook social network. Continue reading

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