I recently turned 19. Seemed like I just turned 18 a day ago. Time really goes by quickly when you get older.  I haven’t really been blogging much, sorry. I’ve also been trying to study, writing code and get better at my grammar.

Recently I started thinking about how I need to figure out how I’m going to make what I want out of life happen. I really want to go out to San Francisco and start a startup or be apart of one that does something that i will want to support like some great product or service.

I’m not really sure how I’ll make this happen. I have ideas for a media related company. One of the pieces of technology would be “Virtual DVR” and another would be “Breakpoint TV”. I don’t want to go in too much details on my blog but I think it’s a great idea and I’m surprised it has not been done yet. I have a few ideas on how to do this. Then a friend reminded me of something.

  • Go to college and work on startup part-time with limited resources
  • Get a job and work full-time. Work on project on the side.
Then one of my good friends reminded me about The Thiel Fellowship. I heard of this about a year ago on the news when it was already over. I didn’t know he was going to do it again. So I’m going to apply. Basically they pick 20 people under 20. They get $100,000 and 2 years free to pursue their dreams. That would help me get to California. I could hopefully join a startup already  for a while or try to get my own going to get some real experience. College wouldn’t give me any real experience in a real startup. Well in theory it could but I’m in lame Ohio.  All the interesting startups all seem to be in California. I would most likely end up going to college in Ohio around where I live. I’m not in a big city. Maybe things would be better in Cincinnati or Columbus if I wanted to stay in Ohio. This seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m not sure if I’ll get in or not. I kinda doubt it but I won’t know if I don’t try.

So if I get accepted I’ll get better experience than I would if I go to college. I’ll get a chance to get out of Ohio and go to  San Francisco which has been my dream since I was a little kid. I always pretty much knew that’s where I need to be. I always felt misplaced in Ohio. So I’m going to apply and take my time on this application over the next few weeks before its due. This would be a very positive thing if I gets accepted. I’ll also get to focus on something I want to do.

If i don’t get accepted there are always other things I could do which doesn’t seem great but the pressure from my family is i gotta do something. They want me to become a doctor or lawyer or and marry a rich girl. I don’t want to become a doctor doing surgeries aren’t really my thing and law seems boring. I want to do something that I have passion towards like consumer technology. But I need to figure out what the next step is. I’ll use my blog to keep you guys updated. Maybe I’ll write a “Turning 20” post next year. I hope it will be better next year as I hope I’m in a better place. I just wanted to give an update. If you have any encouragement please comment. I feel like I’m alone and lost in life without a map.