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Month: December 2011

2012, come at me bro!

Today is December 31, the last day in 2011! So close to 2012 now. Looking back 2010 seemed lame, 2011 seemed better. 2012 I want to make my best year yet.

My New Year’s resolution is to blog more, get to a closer done prototype of NewHills and try to get fitter. Now that I have Dragon I hope that will help me blog more. I also am graduating high school this year. I plan to take about a year break before going to college, so that means some dedicated time to work on my project. I don’t really look forward to college and looking for alternatives. One of those alternatives is the Thiel Fellowship which I submitted my application yesterday! Wish me luck! Continue reading

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5 review

Hello I recently got Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5 by Nuance to help me become a better writer by using my voice to write. It costs $89.99 on Amazon elsewhere it’s $199.00. They also have a Home version for $44.99 on Amazon elsewhere its $99.99. I love shopping on Amazon because of all the savings. I wonder why Best Buy is even still in business when Amazon is around.

Dragon seems to work way better than the built-in recognition by Microsoft on Windows Vista and Seven. I can’t believe how accurate this is out-of-the-box with only a little bit of training. I guess that’s because it uses its own database. It takes a little getting used to and learning, for example you have to say period when you want to place a period in a document. Also to delete all the text in an input area you have to say select all and then say press backspace. So it’s not exactly like talking somebody else because you have to say your punctuation out loud to it but it’s pretty close. Continue reading

Path 2.0 Review

As some of you know Path recently launched Path 2.0 and I heard lots of buzz about it on the Twitters. So I decided to give it a try. I had it for about 3 weeks. My first thoughts were that it was really new and neat but after using it for a while I decided it wasn’t the greatest thing.

I liked the user interface. It seemed years ahead of Facebook’s mobile application. I loved pressing the + button for the post menu. I like how it shows you the people who viewed your posts. I also like how it lets you smile, Wink, surprised, sad and heart posts instead of a boring “Like” button. I also liked how you can post the current song you are listening to and then your friends can listen to a sample plus they can also buy it on the iTunes store if they like it. I also like how you could add filters to photos similar to Instagram. Also you can do filters on your video also which is really cool, I haven’t seen that on any other app! I hate how it doesn’t have a landscape view. Continue reading

MacCleaning review!

 MacCleaning by EaseUS is a powerful menu bar utility. It monitors your disk space in realtime and warns you when it’s below a certain percent which is set by you. It also cleans up system junk to reclaim disk space. Also you can view all your drives and disk space usage. You can safely eject removable media. This app is under 3 megabytes but it’s a nice, simple and powerful application! Continue reading

Turning 19

I recently turned 19. Seemed like I just turned 18 a day ago. Time really goes by quickly when you get older.  I haven’t really been blogging much, sorry. I’ve also been trying to study, writing code and get better at my grammar.

Recently I started thinking about how I need to figure out how I’m going to make what I want out of life happen. I really want to go out to San Francisco and start a startup or be apart of one that does something that i will want to support like some great product or service. Continue reading

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