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I got an iPad!

I recently got an iPad 2 as an early graduation present from my wonderful grandparents.

My iPad 2!This is my first tablet computer. After using it for a few days. It’s amazing. I haven’t been this excited about an Apple product since I got my first Mac. Continue reading

5 WordPress Plugins I use

I use many WordPress plugins, but here are 5 WordPress Plugins I think are great and recommend:

After The Deadline

I use After the deadline to proofread my posts. It uses artificial intelligence to check for spelling, style and grammar. It works by sending your post to a server, and then sends the errors in your post back.


CloudFlare isn’t just a WordPress plugin. It’s a reserve proxy to add distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, content distribution network (CDN), Rocket Loader and extra security.  It can asynchronously load scripts. It also can minify css and scripts for you. You can use it for non WordPress sites, but you have to install a Apache mod if you want the right IP addresses of the user to show up, which may not be easy for some people or your on shared hosting which the host provider may not have it installed or will not install it. This WordPress plugin allows WordPress to get the correct IP address of the user without mod_cloudflare. You can checkout more about CloudFlare at

WP Super Cache

I use this plugin to cache my blog to static html files to speed up my site.  So each reload won’t have to regenerate the whole page using PHP and MySQL and can just serve a cached version meaning less CPU on the server and quicker for the end user. So I think I’m Digg proof.


This plugin I use for backup my database. It also can optimize your database. You can manually back up or repair or have it do it every so many minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.


I use this plugin to flag comments as spam. This is free for personal blogs. It really does catch spam really good! I just look at the spam every so often, see if anything isn’t spam and then clear it out.

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