Today is December 31, the last day in 2011! So close to 2012 now. Looking back 2010 seemed lame, 2011 seemed better. 2012 I want to make my best year yet.

My New Year’s resolution is to blog more, get to a closer done prototype of NewHills and try to get fitter. Now that I have Dragon I hope that will help me blog more. I also am graduating high school this year. I plan to take about a year break before going to college, so that means some dedicated time to work on my project. I don’t really look forward to college and looking for alternatives. One of those alternatives is the Thiel Fellowship which I submitted my application yesterday! Wish me luck! On the losing weight part, I plan to cut down on soda and just drink water.

I hope you and I have a great 2012! To quote Justin O’Bar

2012 is only gonna suck if you make it.

Just something to think about. I plan to make the best of 2012!

Also on December 21st, 2012 the world is supposed to end which. I doubt it will end but if it does, that’s about 355 days left! So maybe live your day as if it was your last just incase it’s true!

Happy New Year! If you have any exciting plans, feel free to share them in the comments!