Well as I am writing this, I am still in High School, I do go to an online charter school so I do have more free time than most high school students. Got about 2 years left. Almost 18.  So thinking about college isn’t far off. Well my Family wants me to go to college. They want me to be a doctor or lawyer. My grandpa helps funds my servers and he kind of doesn’t understand this web stuff, he thinks its something I’ll grow out of it. Right now I been work on my Start up NewHills.com that isn’t open yet.  I really hope it becomes something big but I kind of doubt it. So if I go to college I’ll have something to fail back on but I have not decided yet.

My “parent’s” are not rich or anything like that so not really wanting to do that whole Student Loans Debt thing. Plus even if I go to a four year college, I still have no guarantee I’ll be successful in some type of business to pay it back.  Plus I hate High school as it is, don’t even know if I’ll last 2 more years at it. I rather just forget it and program. So when college time comes, it will be twelve years of schooling already. Do i want another four years or maybe more? No. Also what happens if my grandparents would die? Live with my parents, HELL No. I am just unsure really about life at this moment. I want to be someone big like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. I idol them and they are both College drop outs. I even idol Bill Gates but not sure if he’s considered hip and/or cool anymore to mention. Plus lots of stuff you can learn online. What are your thoughts on college, can leave in comments?

Also here is a clip that I feel is speaking truth.