The Apple iMac was one of the first computers to not include a floppy drive, and it used a CD drive. Current Macs you buy today has a CD/DVD SuperDrive, except the Air. No Macs has Blu-Ray. I think CD, DVD and Blu-ray are dead as the internet will replace them.

A iPad can’t watch a Blu-ray, nor can it run Flash or Java in the browser. So I think it shows both formats are dead. A iPad can’t have a disk drive, due to space limits. It can’t have Flash or Java due to poor performance and not being open. Most people will agree Flash isn’t open, but your like “Isn’t Java open”? I thought it was also, till I read this. People, Companies and the media don’t really care that the iPad can’t play disks, but they do seem to care about the Flash issue. You have lots of ways to get good content on to your iPad, buy them on iTunes. Watch lots of free and high quality content on YouTube like Smosh or DamonFizzy. Subscribe to a free Podcast on iTunes like Hak5 or Diggnation.

Flash isn’t open because i have to buy expensive authoring tools from Adobe, for example Flash Professional is 699 bucks! With HTML5, I can write my code in Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, which is free with your operating system. I can download or buy authoring tools. I can get Notepad++, a really nice code editor which supports several programming languages I use, and its free! I can even buy HTML5 tools from Adobe if I wanted to, they sell Dreamweaver. Other tools exist to help me write HTML5 apps. Like jQuery, CSSEdit or others.

Both Flash and HTML5 have a long learning curve. But I as a developer would not create in Flash, even if People on their Desktop, HP TouchPad or Android can see it. iPad is the most popular tablet, an it can’t run Flash. I could develop a Flash, HTML5 and Native App, but that’s way more work. The idea of the web, is to write once and run everywhere. So i think HTML5 allows that better than Flash, Java or even a native iPad app. So till the iPad can support Flash, Flash has better performance than HTML5 and it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to develop for Flash, I doubt I would even look in to creating an app in Flash.

I have an idea how Adobe could save Flash from dying and it might not work but i think its to late as Flash apps have moved to HTML5 like Pandora and I think they will keep moving. They could Open source flash, The Flash player, All the flash authoring tools like Flash professional. Then you could have thousands of developers at look at the code in the open, and nitpick it and improve on it. Chrome and Firefox are Open source, and have fan base and community, i think that’s why the are winning browsers. I think at this point in time Flash has little hope.

I wanted to write my own kind of Thoughts on Flash, like Steve did but more from a developer point of view. I think you should read Steve’s post on Thoughts on Flash, and I agree with his post 100%.