In my opinion blocking advertisements online is piracy due to the ads cannot be viewed, therefore the site will lose money. Sites will use the money they make to pay for servers, upgrading web servers , spend money on themselves and other things. There are ad networks who will pay for so many views of the ad and clicks. If the site does not make money than their content, programming and severs do not get paid for. If you go to a store and steal a magazine that’s stealing. If you steal a magazine the writers and editors do not get paid for their content and cost to print to put on store shelfs.

Now you may say not everyone blocks ads or steals magazines but it still takes away money from the business.I believe blocking Ads is just as bad as illegally downloading Music, software or a movie. When you buy a song, software or a movie your paying to be allowed to play or use that media. Cloud Application and Websites like the one your on now does not cost the user anything up front to be allowed to use it, the service is paid for by the ads. So I think blocking ads is the same as not paying for your movie, song or software. Now I do believe ad blocking is okay if the reason to block Abusive ads. I don’t think a site should be allowed to profit from abusing the consumer. Continue reading